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Necessary knowledge of solar or planetary capture

Necessary knowledge of solar or planetary capture

The number of ring gears, the number of solar gears, and the number of shelf gears in these products should be paid attention to.

Here, the driver is the part that receives the input torque and transfers the corresponding force to the moving member.

The gear ratio in these parts is equal to the number of gears of the moving member over the number of gears of the driving member.

Various modes of the device:

Rule of elimination: In this situation, none of the parts of the device are involved. Direct law: The two existing parts must work together in this law.

Reverse gear: In this position, the rack is fixed and works individually. In this situation, we have two modes, the optimal and good mode is for the solar gearbox to be driven and the ring member to act as the moving part. With this situation, we have an increase in torque. For the second mode, the gear ratio is increased, which is unsuitable for reverse gear in different devices.

In the law of heavy gear, there are two general situations that we will examine:

The first case: the shelf is considered movable. The ring part is the driving part and the solar factor is fixed.

In the second case: the shelf is movable and the ring is fixed. The solar part is the driver and in this case, we will have the greatest increase in torque.

Overdrive Law:

In the first case: the shelf is driven and the ring is fixed. The solar part is moving and in this case, we will experience the greatest increase in the gear ratio.

The second mode: the shelf is driven and the ring is movable. The solar part is fixed in these products.

Advantages and disadvantages + comparison with other types of gearboxes

Considering that solar gearboxes are a new generation of parts in the world, they have a metallurgical structure. Due to the structure of these gearboxes, the level of engagement between the gears has increased up to two times. This has increased the life of solar gearboxes.


Another advantage of solar gearboxes is the placement of the gears, which occupy a very small volume. As a result, the device works more easily and also has better performance.

Due to the internal structure of these devices, their repairs are done at a high speed and also the repairs of these types of devices are much easier. This has caused consumers to worry about the maintenance and repairs of devices to a great extent.

Advantages and disadvantages + comparison with other types of gearboxes

The efficiency of solar gearboxes is very high and can be upgraded to 98%.

Due to the balanced distribution of loads among the floors, they also have a very long lifespan.

Due to the very high precision in gear machining, the slack in this machine is very small and limited.

Very simple coupling with power generators is possible in these devices.

How much is the price of a solar gearbox?

Many different factors affect the price of solar gearboxes. The most important of these factors are the capabilities of the planetary gearbox, which include output speed, torque, output power, optimal energy consumption, and speed conversion factor. The price of solar gearboxes varies according to the output power and the accuracy of the device. Due to the material used in the production of gears to deal with wear and friction, these devices are classified as durable models. Another important factor affecting the price of the solar gearbox is the manufacturing company and its brand. The products and devices of reputable Italian and German companies, such as Italy's Bruini gearbox, can be several times more expensive than the devices of other companies.

Solar gearbox manufacturing companies

Different brands and companies producing solar gearboxes have been trying to develop their models for many years. Germany and Italy are the two main poles of solar gearbox production in the world. These two countries produce their best products with other European countries such as Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland with modern technologies. The American-Italian company Dana Bruini, along with the Bonfiglioli company, are two of the largest companies in the field of solar gearbox production. These companies produce solar gearboxes with the highest quality, that's why these two companies are very famous and popular in the field of gearboxes.

Among the other big companies and brands in the world that are active in the field of solar gearbox production, we can mention big companies such as Rollstar in Germany, Reggiana in Italy, SEW in Italy, TWT in Taiwan, Imak, Ilmaz in Turkey, PGR in Turkey, etc..

Solar gearbox catalog

Using the planetary or star gearbox catalog increases your ability to choose the best solar gearbox to suit your needs. Various items are included in the catalog of solar gearboxes by planetary gearbox manufacturing companies, for sure, after buying a solar gearbox, you will probably need to read the gearbox catalog for correct installation and commissioning. Use the following to download the solar gearbox catalog of different companies.

Reggiana solar gearbox catalog

Bonfiglioli solar gearbox catalog

Flender solar gearbox catalog

Brevini solar gearbox catalog

SEW solar gearbox catalog

Best solar gearbox catalog

Solar gearbox catalog

SITI solar gearbox catalog

Yilmaz solar gearbox catalog

Shahbaz solar gearbox catalog

Lenze solar gearbox catalog

Alpha solar gearbox catalog

Tramec servo motor solar gearbox catalog

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