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CN1 Convenient Connector model:ASD-IF-DS4444

Accessory, B2 CN1 on-board breakout connector for B2, 44pin to 44pin

113,4 CAD

CN1 I/O Connector model:ASD-IF-SC5020

Accessory, A2 CN1 on-board breakout connector, 50pin to 20pin

91 CAD

Communication Cable between Drive and Computer model:ASD-CNUS0A08

Accessory, B2 CN3 Firewire 3-meter communication cable kit between B2 Drive and PC, comes with PC USB to RJ-45 adapter

117,6 CAD

Communication Cable model:ASD-CARS0003

Accessory, A2/B2 CN3 Firewire 3-meter communication between PC/HMI to B2 drive (RS-232)

37,8 CAD

Dual Battery box model:ASD-MDBT0200

Accessory, A2 CN8 Dual Battery box for ABS encoder with battery and short cable

112 CAD